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The Tamale Place (And now, for something completely familiar)

StorefrontFamiliar but not ordinary. Sure, we’ve all eaten tamales over the years but chances are, they were the type that would fit in the palm pf your hand with a thin whisper of filling. Well, you’re in for a nice big treat. I was advised to try this swingin’ joint a couple weeks ago, so the wife and I went ahead and made it a quest. If ever I received some good advice, this was it. The store front is very unassuming (hint: it’s the one with the stripped awning) but much like the mild-mannered Bruce Banner who becomes the Might Hulk, you’ll find that once you get inside to see the inner workings, there is flurry of tamale activity.

The inside houses limited seating but look closely and see how much room they require to churn out their varied offerings. It becomes clear that in-house dining isn’t the focus. The real interest here is, of course, tamales and brother, the folks have brought their “A” game! As a little bonus, in case you aren’t a meat eater, there are at least four tamales from which to choose. All things considered, that ain’t bad. On the flipside, meat filled treats make up the remaining varieties. Check out the menu (you may need to visit their website for a better look)!


Click on the photo to get to their website (neat, huh?). So great, now you know what your choices are but now comes the hard part. What do you choose? If I were you, I’d grab a half-dozen of your closest friends and assign marching orders. Everyone picks a different tamale and once tha’s done, sit down and make it a communal dinner (better yet, take them home, pop in your most loved El Santo movie and enjoy the mayhem while you munch). But hold it, just one tamale each? How is this a meal? If you remember the beginning of this post, I described the tamale of yore was slight of build with slightly less filling than was expected. Fear not, these bad daddies are way more robust than the aforementioned variety. Now to be reasonable, we all know that a certain amount of masa is necessary to make a tamale what it is. These cuties are no exception. I believe that the actual filling is more than ample and the amount of masa is appropriate for acommodating the amount of filling. That said, these dudes are indeed sizeable. And what goes with tamales (and everything else)? Salsa, of course. We tried the mild and the spicy variety and although they were both passable, I wouldn’t say that they were anything to write home about.

Now granted we have yet to try the lions share of yummies but from what we did try, it’s well worth another trip out. Say, if you happen to plan a visit yourself, can you pick us up a couple?

The Tamale Place 5226 Rockville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46224