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Taqueria El Bohemio (I hope I spelled that correctio)

FrontUnless you’ve been out of town for a few years, you’ve no doubt seen a rise in the number of food trucks around Indy. They show up at city events and surrounding burbs, and the offerings are all over the map, from savory to sweet and various levels in-between. Although Taqueria El Bohemio isn’t a truck, it does have wheels, which should be close enough for anybody. Ok, it’s really a taco stand. Happy now? Anyway, I’d been passing it by for months, always heading for more established, er, establishments and  finally took the plunge a few days ago. It was a pleasant experience and, although  I only had the time and the appetite for a quick taco and Coke (a-cola), my short order hit on all cylinders and kept me rolling for the rest of the afternoon.

The menu features a nice little handful of yummies from which to choose, and as soon as I get a translator, I will try a few more treats in true Mexican style. Menu

For now, I’ll comment on what I tried — the chicken tacos and Mexican Coke. But wait, what the hell is a Mexican Coke? Let’s ask Wikipedia: “Mexican Coke, also called “Coca Cola de Mexico,” “Coke de Mexico,” or, informally, “MexiCoke,”[citation needed] is Coca-Cola that is made and bottled in Mexico[1] in a thick glass bottle. Although intended for consumption in Mexico, Mexican Coke has become popular in the United States because of a flavor that fans call “a lot more natural tasting.[1] The primary difference in flavor between Mexican Coke and the American Coca Cola recipe is that Mexican Coke is sweetened using cane sugar.” If you’re a Coke drinker from years ago, (and I mean several years ago), you may recognize the flavor. Next time you’re in the “hood”, try a MexiCoke instead and see how it stacks up against the corn-syrup version.

Chicken Taco close upAs for the tacos, check out the picture to your left and tell me that you won’t be tearing the house apart looking for your keys and wallet. (Say, have you seen my keys and wallet?) Oh, one warning: I don’t know what type of chilis they serve with the tacos, but I got a little lit-up after the first bite. It would serve you well to tread lightly around it or just remove it altogether if you don’t prefer the heat. Sauce n stuffBut then, what’s a taco without a few little extra flavor boosters? Well, it would still be awesome, but now it’s a taste explosion! A few radishes, cucumber slices, lime and a little salsa verde round out the whole scene, Daddy-o. Still not convinced? Well, go grab a few chums this Saturday and take a little road trip down East Washington way. Be sure and wear your work shirt to catch the drippings.

Taqueria El Bohemio- 4002 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN