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Sesame Chinese Restaurant

Now tell me, who doesn’t like Chinese people foods? Well?! Gimme a name!! That’s right, nobody doesn’t like Chinese people foods. Sure, Chinese restaurants are a dime-a-dozen and around every corner. You may even find a couple in the back of your garage. Go ahead and look, I’ll wait. You found one, didn’t ya? What makes this one different? Nothing, but it’s the one I go to and have indeed found a few little menu gems. It’s run by a couple of nice ladies who are always around to help out, fill a water glass, high-five the customers, etc.  As you already know, I don’t do beef or pork, so get that right out of your mind. That still leaves plenty of yummies to enjoy. Now, let’s face facts, this ain’t the Ritz. It’s a strip-mall Chinese restaurant. Please take that into consideration when you read over this review. Let’s start slow and build. The soups are the standards: Hot ‘N Sour and Egg Drop. No surprises here. They’re both what you’d expect and that’s cool. I’d hate to be surprised by a big steaming bowl of “what the hell was that?”  The one caveat is that it comes out so friggin hot that once it cools off,  you’ll be eating it for dessert. Mmmmm…..dessert soup.  Just like other Chinese joints, the soup comes with those weird little fried Fu Manchu toenails. They’re basically there for the crunch factor. Wanna see a picture? There, check it out.

You’ll notice the little bowl of yellow death in the middle, off to the right. If you’re able to use this stuff for anything other than to vanquish your enemies, you’re a better person than I. Of course, Chuck Norris gargles with it and uses it as a zit cream.

Anyway, I gravitate to the same handful of lunch items including the shrimp with mixed vegetables. A tasty little selection with a name that tells it like it is. It comes with an egg roll and steamed or fried rice. I’ve never really cared for either but I’ve taken one for the team and had a bite or two of each. Again, standard fare and if that’s what you like, go nuts. Hell, you can even have mine. You’re welcome.

The shrimps are plenty plump and there are more on the plate than you’d expect for the price. The veggies are in the proper proportion to the shrimp, which makes for a happy plate indeed. Athough, I’d gladly swap the rice for more shrimpy/veggie goodness, but these ladies don’t roll like that, yo.

Another choice selection is the shrimp with broccoli. I always ask them to cook it with their white sauce, because the one they usually use is just too greasy (hint, hint — get the white sauce.) The good thing about broccoli is that it acts as a flavor sponge for the sauce. It’s a tree-shaped taste explosion! The photo to the left shows all of the available add-on sauce options, including soy sauce, which adds a little flavor boost to an already flavor-packed dish.

As with the shrimp and veggie dish, the shrimp and brooccoli are plentiful and, in concert with the proper sauce, makes a nice little lunch for a work weary soul (much like myself.) Be sure to bring along your laptop or other electronic device of choice to watch your favorite Kung Fu movie whilst dining. I don’t mean to stereotype; I just like Kung Fu movies. And why not, they’re awesome!

Lastly, one of my favorite dishes is the fish soup. The bowl that it comes in is quite sizeable and it’s filled to the brim with broth, noodles, veggies and tender fish. Just like the other soups they serve, it’s NASA-hot so you’ll have to make some phone calls or play a few rounds of Angry Birds before you can even think about taking a slurp. But wait, if I remember right, you like your foods just a touch on the spicy side. Am I right? Today is your lucky day! Just ask for the chili sauce and plop some liberally into your bowl. You won’t be sorry you did. Wanna see a picture? See the snapshot to the left. To me, this soup is the perfect fall afternoon lunch. Plus, it’s got everything a body needs: delicious Chinese food goodness. Just look at that bowl, brimming with, um, stuff. Why the hell would you not order it? Anyway, if you’re up in the 86th and Meridian area, stop in and see what tickles your Asian fancy.