Hoaglin To Go (to my belly).

One of the most bestest things about Saturday mornings is breakfast, however, one of the most worstest is the dirty dishes. But wait, I just got paid. Why not go out for yummies instead? And what better place than, you guessed it, Hoaglin to go. Just take a look at the menu. I dare ya, I double-dog dare ya. It’s chock full of kicked up dishes without making too much of a show. Sure, you can get the usual bacon ‘n eggs but you didn’t come here for the usual. Dude, did you even look at the menu that I dared you about earlier? Ok, I’ll wait for you to go ahead and do it now……………..Times up. So, what sounds good? Most everything, right? Just like anything else in life, not every choice is a winner but the odds are stacked in your flavor (please tell me you caught that).

The (smoked) Salmon Benedict with Pommes Anna GratinPersonally, I have a couple of favorites that I tend to stick with. What are they you ask? Just have a look. This little cutie would be the Salmon Benedict with Pommes Anna Gratin (Cheesy taters). As you can see, there’s plenty of food to share but that ain’t gonna happen. Don’t reach towards my plate, don’t talk to me and don’t make eye contact until I’m done.

Now, while you’re savoring your breakfast, take the time to absorb some of your surroundings. Local artists’ works adorn the brightly colored walls and most, if not all, are ready for purchase.

You can surprise your sweetie with a nice wall hanging and some delicious to-go selections. What? You didn’t check out the tidbits in the glass case? Remember what I said about your surroundings? And to think that you might have walked out and not gotten at least a sweet treat and a coffee to go.

Ok, if this brief review has aroused your interest, stop reading and get down there for some kick-ass breakfast goodness.






Hoaglin To Go-448 Massachusetts Avenue  Indianapolis, IN 46204-317-423-0300


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  1. Posted by Ron G on April 1, 2012 at 10:09 PM

    They have great lunch selections too. How could you not love a BLT Salad?


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