Two Brothers Cane and Ebel Beer

In the last few years, with the assistance of co-workers, I have been introduced to local craft beer.  Admittedly, I’m a cheap a** and paying more for beer goes against my pocketbook.  However, the old adage “Ya get what ya pay for” really hits home when it comes to craft beers. When you’re young, broke, and in need of a quick buzz (and eventual blackout), the most fiscally responsible thing to do was to get the Strohs 30 pack (remember? I do, sorta). Now that I have  a few (and I mean, a few) more dollars to invest in renting alcohol, I prefer getting the most for my delicious booze dollar. And what better way than craft beer? What’s more, there are so many local beer producers to support, that it isn’t possible to not find a beer that fits you. Now remember, these brewers are our friends and neighbors, not some nameless corporation with a shi*-ton of cash to spend on advertising to tell us that their product offers superior taste or a particular level of refreshment (when it really doesn’t). Once you taste local brewery offerings, you’ll be kicking your own a**, wondering why you went without for so many years. Honestly, the folks who bring you these beers are MUCH more interested in how their product tastes to their customers than how much money they can make by offering the absolute bare minimum. Now, of course, they have to eat too and I’m sure that they enjoy the occasional vacation but the focus is the beer and how it’s enjoyed. So, let me present……………….Cane and Ebel as made by the good folks at Two Brothers Brewing Co., Warrenville, IL. While not severely local, it’s still in the Midwest, so it’s cool. From what the label tells me, this beer is a red rye ale, brewed with Thai palm sugar! The resulting taste is a little malty and a little sweet.

Now, I’m an avid hop-head but part of the reason is that I like my flavors right up front, where I can keep an eye on them. This beer isn’t n IPA (India Pale Ale) but as the flavors are what I would call dramatic, it makes the cut, with room to spare.

I liked it so much, I went ahead and grabbed a four-pack for home use.

If you are new to the world of craft beers, I wouldn’t start with this one. It’s just too “in your face” for newbies. If you’re a hop-head who is looking for something that is just as full-flavored but not hoppy, this may just be the thing.

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